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Mevo+ Launch Monitor

  • Technology: Fusion Tracking (radar and camera) for accurate and consistent measurements
  • Data: 20 data parameters for analysis and game improvement 
  • Entertainment: 12 E6 Connect Golf Courses included for the ultimate gaming experience
  • Video: Action video clips with data overlay for the ultimate swing analysis
  • Skills: Customizable skills challenges and combines to make practice purposeful

Free Software Included


A comprehensive and customizable
mobile app allowing users to teach,
fit, and practice with radar data,
video capabilities, 3D trajectories,
and more.

Simulation and Games

Ownership of E6 Connect Simulation Software included with purchase - no additional subscription or license fee required


Improve your skills or evaluate your
players with the most advanced and
customizable combine assessments

Popular Mevo+ Add-Ons

Mevo+ Add-On

Pro Package

Provides over 50 full swing and short game data parameters.
New for Mevo+ Pro Package


View and analyze the precise location of face impact.
Compact and Affordable


Practice with purpose using the FlightScope Mevo - an accurate, portable, and affordable launch monitor that gives golfers performance data they can trust. It can be used indoors and outdoors to provide users with accurate data to help improve their golf game.

The ultimate Indoor and Outdoor Launch Monitors

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Great product. App is crisp and unit is very incredibly accurate. Definite step up from my previous SkyTrak.

Michael M.

SO pleased that I purchased the Mevo+ for my launch monitor. It's fun and easy to use with all the accurate data points, video recording options and simulator game play you'll need. Fabulous to be able to fully practice at home during the winter months to maintain and improving my swing and my game! Thanks FlightScope for a great product!!!

Adam M.

Setup was easy. The readings appear to be very accurate. I use the Titleist RCT balls and they allow spin rates to be read every single hit.

Michael R.

After researching numerous launch monitors I decided to purchase the Mevo + with the pro package.

The accuracy is impressive, as is the data provided. Once I figured out the app and the set up, it is very easy to use. I have only used outside, have not tried the simulator features yet.

Been using for a few weeks and I am happy with my purchase and would recommend.

Stephen W.

The Mevo Plus Limited Edition has far exceeded my expectations! I marvel at how accurate this little devise is. I was able to put this side by side with a friend's trackman, and the numbers were astonishing close. I can't recommend the fight scope more. so excited to work on my game with this!

Steve W.

I have enjoyed the transition from another launch monitor (wife is a lefty) and the support has been fantastic. The customer experience is worth 5 stars by itself. I recommend FlightScope highly.

Alan K.

The Mevo + was very easy to set-up, very accurate as a launch monitor and really works fantastic with the E6 simulator software package. I replaced a far more expensive system with the Mevo + and I am more than happy with the product. It’s fun to use and if your serious about improving your game, it has all the critical swing parameters needed to help with the process.

Bud B.

Watched and compared the Mevo + against other launch monitors for a long time before I pulled the trigger and was always drawn to this unit. After finally deciding to buy, I couldn’t be happier - with plenty of space inside to get the right setup, the flight data is incredibly accurate to what is happing outside, environmental conditions aside. Daily user and will continue to be for tracking/training outside in the summer and simulation in the winter. Can’t beat 10 E6 courses included. Well done Flightscope!

Jeremiah N.

Top-Notch Quality for a great value and price point. The 3D view and face impact modules are second to none. The optimizer is also really helpful, especially for my students. Great product and exceptional customer service.

Terry O.