I recently upgraded to a FlightScope Mevo+ 2023 edition, having previously used a Mevo since 2019. And in the few months since, it has given me an understanding of my golf swing like never before, while also completely changing the way I practice.

Starting out with 20 data parameters straight out of the box and powered by FlightScope’s patented Fusion Tracking technology, I was immediately blown away by the device’s incredible accuracy paired with the engaging features provided on the FS Golf App, as well as E6 Connect.

And purchasing the optional Pro Package add-on took my Mevo+ to the next level. 

With access to the full D-Plane data set, 40+ data parameters for full swing and chipping, and all the club and ball data any golfer could possibly need – I’ve been able to dial in my golf swing like never before.

But the incredible offering doesn’t end there. FlightScope offers another optional add-on for the Mevo+, and I would describe it as the cherry on top of a launch monitor package that may just be the best value in golf.

The complete package

FlightScope’s Face Impact Location, which comes as standard with the X3 and Mevo+ Limited Edition, can be purchased as an optional add-on for the Mevo+ by users who already own the Pro Package.

In the simplest sense, the Face Impact Location allows you to view the precise location of impact for every shot you hit with every club in your bag, while also providing two additional data parameters; lateral impact and vertical impact.

Additionally, the add-on provides flexibility. Golf clubs come in all different shapes and sizes, and while I prefer to use semi-blade irons, others may use something completely different. So, you have the option to adjust the width and height of the club head through a simple calibration process, allowing for personalized customization.

I’ve been playing golf for over 12 years, and in that time I feel like I’ve developed a good sense of what different strikes off the club face feel like (and look like). And when I put the FlightScope Mevo+ Face Impact Location to the test, the accuracy was mind-blowing.

I found it to be spot-on for every shot, picking up even the smallest deviation from the center. Every time I felt like I hit something slightly off the toe, the heel, or the bottom of the club face, the Face Impact Location would confirm my suspicions with an uncanny level of accuracy.

Going beyond the immediate impact of knowing exactly where you are striking the golf ball, the Face Impact Location provides a deeper understanding of your golf swing.

Thanks to the shot grouping and heat map features, I was able to highlight patterns and tendencies in my ball striking that I had never realized, even with years of experience – giving me a clearer understanding of my performance and where I can improve.

Priced at $500, purchasing the Face Impact Location add-on takes the total investment of the Mevo+ 2023 edition with both the Pro Package and Face Impact Location add-ons to the retail price of $3 698, although FlightScope runs a number of specials throughout the year.

Alternatively, users can purchase the Mevo+ Limited Edition, which comes fully loaded with Pro Package and Face Impact Location, and also includes an exclusive 12 course pack on E6 Connect featuring Pebble Beach, Bethpage Black and The Old Course at St Andrews, among others. This unit retails for $3 499.

And considering the only launch monitors that can compete with the level of data and precision provided by the Mevo+ with the full package cost upwards of $15 000, it may just be the best value launch monitor on the market today.